Mineralogical Museum Grou

Minerals and rocks are the most important building stones of the earth we live on. Most crystals are very small; we need a magnifying glass or a microscope to study them. Sometimes larger crystals form. Crystals we can easily see. And admire! What a splendid world unfolds before our eyes! What magnificent colours and shapes do we see! Beautiful clear quartz crystals, geodes with deep purple amethyst crystals, pink roselite from Morocco, etc. Come and admire the splendid minerals, arranged in 40 showcases!


Mineralogisch Museum Grou

John de Groot and Maaike van Tooren

Leechlân 22

9001 ZH Grou, The Netherlands

telephone: 0566 623636

e-mail: museum@mineralengrou.nl

website: www.mineralengrou.nl

Opening hours July, September  2024

July 2 to 1 september: Tuesday to Sunday; 11.00-17:00 hours

A visit to the museum in this period may be possible outside the regular opening hours– please contact us.

Admission fees:

Adults: € 3,50

Children to 15 year: € 1,50

Guided tours in English:

By appointment only (groups max. 20 persons)


The museum is accessible for wheelchairs

How to find us:

The museum is situated along the road in between the villages Grou and Warten, about 8 km south of Leeuwarden. Signposts show the route